World Philology

★Edited by Sheldon Pollock, Benjamin A. Elman, and Ku-ming Kevin Chang, World Philology (Harvard University Press, 2015, ISBN:0674052862)


・Fan-Sen Wang, Foreword

・Sheldon Pollock, Introduction
・1. Franco Montanari, From Book to Edition: Philology in Ancient Greece
・2. James E. G. Zetzel, The Bride of Mercury: Confessions of a 'Pataphilologist
・3. Yaakov Elman, Striving for Meaning: A Short History of Rabbinic Omnisignificance
・4. Beatrice Gruendler, Early Arabic Philologists: Poetry's Friends or Foes?
・5. Sheldon Pollock, What Was Philology in Sanskrit?
・6. Michael Laekner, Reconciling the Classics: Two Case Studies in Song-Yuan Exegetical Approaches
・7. Anthony Grafton, Humanist Philologies: Texts, Antiquities, and Their Scholarly Transformations in the Early Modern West
・8. Muzaffar Alam, Mughal Philology and Rumi's Mathnavi
・9. Khaled El-Rouyheb, The Rise of "Deep Reading" in Early Modern Ottoman Scholarly Culture
・10. Benjamin A. Elman, Early Modern or Late Imperial? The Crisis of Classical Philology in Eighteenth-Century China
・11. Susan L. Burns, The Politics of Philology in Japan: Ancient Texts, Language, and Japanese Identity
・12. Constanze Güthenke, "Enthusiasm Dwells Only in Specialization": Classical Philology and Disciplinarity in Nineteenth-Century Germany
・13. Christoph König, The Intelligence of Philological Practice: On the Interpretation of Rilke's Sonnet "O komm und geh"
・14. Ku-ming Kevin Chang, Philology of Linguistics? Transcontinental Responses
・List of Contributors

本書に集められた試論の多くは、最初、2008年に台湾で開催された「文献学の世界史(The Global History of Philology)」で発表されたものとのこと。

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