OEDのscientistの項目にも、用例として引用されているMrs. Somervilleによる"On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences."で、サマーヴィル夫人が、「サイエンティスト(scientist)」という言葉の提案について紹介しているのは、次のようなくだり。

And thus science, even mere physical science, loses all traces of unity. A curious by which we can designate the students of the knowledge of the material world collectively. We are informed that this difficulty was felt very oppressively by the members of British Association for the Advancement of Science, at their meetings at York, Oxford, and Cambridge, in the last three summers. There was no general term by which these gentlemen could describe themselves with reference to their pursuits. Philosophers was felt to be too wide and too lofty a term, and wad very properly forbidden them by Mr. Coleridge, both in his capacity of philologer and metaphysician; savans was rather assuming, besides being French instead of English; some ingenious gentleman proposed that, by analogy with artist, they might form scientist, and added that there could be no scruple in making free with this termination when we have such words as sciolist, economist, and atheist--but this was not generally palatable...

(The Quarterly Review, vol. LI, 1834, p.59. 強調は引用者)

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